«Т» Blue

The world is changing rapidly, our tastes and preferences are changing as well. Despite the healthy conservatism of the tobacco world, the expectation of a new and original is always present in it. Specialists of the Kaluga tobacco factory have developed a new brand of cigarettes “T” characterized by an interesting selection of different types of tobaccos in the mixture. Due to this composition, the cigarette gives a sense of harmonious filled taste with a light tart tint.

For lovers of new subtle sensations that differ in their style and prefer to be different from others, “T” Blue cigarettes are the best choice.

Format - King Size
Resin - 6 mg / pc
Nicotine - 0.6 mg / pc

«Т» Gold

The new “T” Gold brand cigarettes, created by professionals from the Kaluga Tobacco Factory, are distinguished by an original selection of tobacco in a bag that creates a pronounced taste sensation and a distinct memorable aroma. Minimalist monochrome packaging design emphasizes the modernity of the product, reflects trends in the moods of our contemporaries. The appearance and internal qualities of cigarettes very precisely correspond to the fast and rational style of our life.

Package - King Size Round Corner
Format - King Size
Resin - 8 mg / pc
Nicotine - 0.7 mg / pc

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